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Hotel Herberg Joure
Zijl 1
8501 AZ Joure

Tel: +31 (0) 513 410 030
E-mail: info@herbergjoure.nl

For your information:

We would like to greet our guests personally in our Hostel Joure and would like to know your expected arrival time.

Our in-check times are between 15.00 and 19.00. If you arrive before 15:00 or after 19:00, we would like to hear that well in advance. We are always available and usually within 10 minutes on the spot.

You can park in front of the door or on the adjacent grounds next to the fire station. You can park your bikes on our closed courtyard with charging option for electric bikes.

Berths are available in consultation, right outside the door.

  1. We will send a reply to this email address.
  2. We will use your telephone number if we need to contact you about your question.
  3. We only use your personal data for answering your question and will not use this information for anything else.